FTX will give away $1 million to banks to support stablcoins

Crypto derivatives exchange FTX will allocate $1 million to encourage regional banks that will consider and agree to add a service for depositing and withdrawing funds via Stablecoin.
The initiative will partner with FTX for the benefit of its users, who will be able to "instantly and almost commission-free" deposit and withdraw funds. The names of the stabelcoins are not given.
The crypto derivatives exchange has not ruled out raising fees. FTX is open to cooperation not only with U.S. financial institutions.
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The proposal followed a day after a track by the head of the platform Sam Bankman-Fried. In it, among other things, he touched on the topic of "stable coins," which "lack the reporting and auditing system to guarantee their security." The FTX CEO is convinced that this will solve "80% of all problems" in the segment.

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